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Ad·her·ence {the act or quality of sticking to something}

Hello and welcome. I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, award-winning running journalist, and masters trail runner based in Monument, Colorado. Through Adherence Fitness I’m able to share my trail running-inspired approach to health and fitness through middle age and beyond. Let me put my twenty plus continuous years as a runner and functional fitness devotee to work for you.

Active Aging

I specialize in health and fitness for the over-40 client. I understand your concerns and needs. I’m one of you! Inspired in my youth by the age-defying feats of fitness pioneer Jack LaLane, and more recently by Canadian runner Ed Whitlock (who ran record-smashing sub-3 hour marathons over the age of 70), as well as research coming out of modern gerontology, I’m excited to be part of a movement that is redefining what aging adults are capable of.

Functional Fitness

Improved aesthetics are often a pleasant by-product of a fitness program, but the ultimate goal is to improve one’s ability to perform the necessary activities of daily living as well as the leisure activities one loves. I offer personal training sessions at Tri-Lakes Fitness & Strength (serving northern El Paso and southern Douglas counties) that emphasize fundamental movements, core conditioning, posterior chain strength, and balanced development. I put into practice the workouts that have allowed me to enjoy twenty-one years of uninterrupted, injury-free running.

Trail Running

Trail running is the ultimate green fitness activity. It’s about unplugging, unwinding and uncluttering in nature. It requires a greater degree of mental focus, physical balance and neuromuscular coordination than road and treadmill running. You don’t have to be an ultramarathoner to experience the physical transformations and mood lifting effects of challenging oneself in nature. An hour can do wonders! Whether we are walk/jogging or running eight-minute miles over terrain, I’ll teach you the ins-and outs of trail running: biomechanics, safe technique, efficient pacing, and most of all, enjoyment.


Three Keys to my approach
  • Realistic schedules, and sustainable yet challenging efforts that allow you to be human translate to program adherence.
  • Personalization: programs that work with your personality and lifestyle to move you toward your unique wellness, performance and aesthetic goals.
  • Modifiability within structure. “Bend but don’t break,” is a concept with wide applicability, especially when it comes to fitness programming.


“Every runner is an experiment of one.”

–George Sheehan, Running author


Trying to break the 20-minute mark in a 5k? Or complete a full marathon? I’ve done it, and I can put you on the path to those goals or to achieving a personal best in an event of your choice. Aside from my frequently placing top 3 in my age division in road and trail running events, I’ve worked with a high school cross country team, paced ultramarathoners, and helped individual clients pass fitness tests. Additionally, I’ve written and published over 50 articles on long-distance running, disseminating the wisdom of elite runners, authors, coaches, experts in exercise science, and people who refused to give up or conform to limiting notions of who they are and what they can achieve.

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